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Welcome to the Home Page of Myrna Young, Life Coach 


Would you like, Life Coaching, tips and strategies to turn the life you have now into the life you want?

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  • Do you have daily struggles keeping yourself motivated and inspired to make a change in your life? The Transform Your Mind podcast, gives weekly, life coaching, tips to live your best life now!

  • How about your relationships? Do you struggle on a daily basis to make your relationships work? Life coach, Myrna Young Helps turn, unhappy marriages, into, healthy marriages, and Helps single women find partners.

  • Are you in a, dead end job,and can’t find the energy to quit and find the perfect job?  Life coach, Myrna Young, gives you a step by step plan on finding the right job, by understanding your natural talents.

  • If you answered YES to any of these questions, then schedule your Free, Life Coaching, Session with certified,  Life Coach, Myrna Young and … subscribe to the, Transform Your Mind podcast,

  • The Transform your Mind podcast, and Radio Show Myrna Young, Life Coach, interviews experts and thought Leaders every week and offers solo, Life Coaching, sessions on,

  • Relationships,

  • Motivation,

  • How to find the right job,

  • How to mend Brokenness,

  • Spirituality,

  • Becoming conscious, . 

  • Everything starts in the mind so, Transform your Mind, to Transform your Life!

  • The bible teaches that we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Success or failure starts with our thoughts.

  • The Transform your Mind, podcast helps you, renovate your mind, and increase your capacity for success.

  • So tune each week in to strengthen your mind, body connection and Live your best life now!

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Transform Your Mind Radio and Podcast

Out of the Snares, a story of hope and encouragement

Out of the Snares, a story of hope and encouragement 

Is life beating you down? Do you need Hope and Encouragement? Then pick up a copy of my  Life Coaching book, Out of the Snares, a story of hope and encouragement.

My purpose in writing this book was to share with my readers the power of intention as the energy in my life. This book is my testimony that who you seek, is seeking you.

All my life I have been called lucky; but there is no such thing as luck, just positive energy and preparation.

As women we sometimes fail because we are always working; but not On our lives. We instead work In our lives. To succeed your commitment to your own personal growth, must parallel your commitment to building remarkable lives for yourself and your children.

So here is my limited time offer:

After you read my book and become inspired by my story of success after starting out with nothing; I would like to Help you get off the starting block with the most unbelievable, life coaching,  offer ever made!

4 * 45 min Life coaching sessions for only $200.00 

This is a 75% discount. My, Life coaching,  sessions are advertised for $100.00 per hour!

If you are interested in doing something remarkable with your life and escape the Snares of failure, by moving your dreams from your head into your hands, take the next step. Hire a Coach! You will never get a better chance to invest in you.

I believe that you are worth it. Don’t you?

How to Acquire, Self-Confidence,

  • From the doorway of this Home Page you can access our, Self Confidence, page.  Self-confidence, isn’t the impression you give others but; how you feel about yourself.
  • It’s all about who you are, where you are at this point in your life, and where you want to be in  life and in your relationships. 
  • If you are interested in gaining, self-confidence, and becoming more assertive, then purchase my limited time offer: 
  • 4 * 45 minute, Life Coaching, sessions for only $200.00 
  • Click this  Self-Confidence link and enter that room.
  • I can tell you without a doubt that Fear, Uncertainty, and,  Self doubt, destroys more dreams than failure; because most never start.  Take intelligent action now and do something!
  • Here is a link to another free resource, my YouTube video.
  • 7 Ways to Get your Confidence back After a Divorce or Death of a Spouse

How to Use, Real Estate Investments, to Generate a, Passive Income Stream,.

As your, Life Coach, and Realtor,  Let me show you “How to Let Your Money Work For You.”

There are 3 honest ways in this life to get money.

  1. The first is to work for it. The common consensus is that with a few exceptions you can never become wealthy working for someone else.
  2.  The second way is to inherit it. For most of us, inheritance is not a sure bet.
  3. The third way to make money and the most powerful way, is to invest it. Let your money work for you. As a Realtor/Investor, I can tell you that most of the wealth in this country is made from investing in Real Estate. Authors also have residual income from books.  They write a book once, sometimes in one month and get royalty checks for years. Look for tips on investing in Real Estate on my YouTube Channel 
  4. If you are interested in having residual income, then click this link Residual Income to enter that room. You want residual income to live a Freedom Lifestyle,. A life that includes vacations, living in a nice home, paying for your children’s college education etc.
  5. Check out my YouTube video on What is True Wealth: The Path to Financial Freedom 
Transform your Mind, personal development , podcast

Transform Your Mind, Transform your Life, Life Coaching, Podcast 

As your, Life Coach, and Host, I will Help you to use the most powerful tool for success,  Your Mind!  Your mind is the incubator of thought.  It is where dreams or doubt, or fear live. I will teach you how to: 

“Change the way you look at a thing and the thing you are looking at will change!”

In this room I will teach you how to “Feel the Fear, but do it anyway” How to find your courage. 

  • Would you like to find out how to motivate yourself to “Feel the pain, but do it anyway?” Then enter the room called Motivation. This room is actually my blog and podcast.  https://blog.myhelps.us/
  • Each week I bring you, Life Coaching, tips and strategies on:
    • Finding True love.
    • Having Healthier marriages.
    • Gaining Self confidence as a single woman in the dating arena.
    • Get to an abundance mindset that includes an abundance of love, passion, energy, intimacy,
    • Living a life by design and engaging the Laws of Attraction
    • Finding a career that aligns with their passion, purpose and destiny.
    • And Spiritual Awakening
  • I have also partnered with Registered Social Worker and Mental Health Counselor, Ms Arifah Yusaf. Arifah is the Founder and Program Director of Lifted by Purpose an organization  providing a diverse range of services including workshops with the intent to engage youth in conversations about mental health to learn practical strategies to cope with life stressors.
  • Arifah has joined the cast of  the, Transform Your Mind, podcast to discuss, mental health, topics such as:
  • Anger Management
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Mental Health Education and Coping Skills
  • Youth Engagement and
  • Mental Health First Aid Training

So Download and Subscribe today to the, Transform your Mind, to Transform your Life, radio show and podcast

How to, Become Conscious, and Live a Life by Design

  • Want to do something about living a life of lack? Lack of financial abundance, lack of healthy relationships, lack of a connection to God.
  • Then enter my room called “Are you eating your seed.” Every desire has built into it the power to manifest. This is because you already have in your hand what is needed to bring your desire out of the realm of thought into your hand or bank account. 
  • Enter this room to learn how to use the fuel of desire to build wealth!

Email at info@myhelps.us to set up your Free Strategy Session. 

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