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The first principle of encouragement is to Keep Your Vision in Front of you – Hope and, encouragement, Dare to dream big dreams and understand the principles of vision casting.



  • Owned and operated the largest female-owned limousine service in Toronto, Canada
  • Author of “Becoming Conscious, My Awakening”
  • 10 years experience as a B2B Solution Development Manager
  • Winner “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award from the African Caribbean Chamber of Commerce in 1998
  • Certified Professional Coach – University of Miami
  • Accredited ACC Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation

Out of the Snares a story of, hope and encouragement

In OUT OF THE SNARES, MYRNA BERNADETTE TROTMAN (Myrna Young) shares her story of child abuse, poverty and her success as an entrepreneur and offers, hope and encouragement, to the readers.

As a certified Life Coach Myrna shares ten undeniable resources she used to help her achieve success and live the American Dream.  This offers hope and, encouragement, from her story.

This inspirational and motivational book offers, encouragement, that  you too can  reach your potential and achieve new levels of success in your life.

Get these ten principles based on biblical principles and Universal Laws, deep down in your spirit and be, encouraged, to boldly go in the direction of your destiny while offering hope and, encouragement.

  • Out of the Snares, a story of hope and encouragement
    Out of the Snares a story of ,hope and encouragement,


  • 10 Principles that offers Hope and, Encouragement.

  • Keep Your Vision in Front of you – Hope and, encouragement, Dare to dream big dreams and understand the principles of vision casting.
  • The events in your life whether good or bad, work together for good – The Bible offers, hope and, encouragement, God said “I know the plans I have for you, plans to Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.”
  • Stay the course; don't give up until you win.
  • Let the Universal Laws of Attraction, the Laws of Intention work for you – Hope and, encouragement, that if your Ask, you will receive. Ask and it will be given unto you.
  • Have a Positive Mindset – Take control of your thoughts and attitudes. Get rid of ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
  • Use what you have in your hand– You were created with a purpose; God gave you the skills and talents you need to complete your task. I offer you, hope and, encouragement, to Stop waiting for the right time. You have all that you need to succeed.
  • Be intentional about your Growth– Be proactive, be intentional, build on your gifts, and continually improve.
  • Hope and, encouragement, that If you build it, they will come – Be a servant first.
  • Find your Passion – it is the Fire in your belly. Become conscious of what lights you up. God put that Fire in your belly as a beacon to achieve your purpose.
  • Love – it is what makes this Human experience worthwhile. Love yourself first. Love is spirit, God is spirit.
  • Business Consciousness – how to create a startup company and succeed in marketing.

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A self help guide to starting your own Business offering, hope and encouragement, to move from employee to Business Owner.

You will learn:

  • Choosing a company structure
  • How to find your target market and customers
  • How to choose the correct company name
  • How to define your company culture
  • How to incorporate, copy of Article of incorporation included
  • How to file for your EIN and find grants
  • Some regular tax deductions for your company
  • Other Helpful information about starting and operating your Small Business


The mission of encouragement:

“Myrna Young's  mission is to offer, hope and encouragement, by empowering women to elevate their lives, their relationships, career, health and spirituality by transforming their minds.”


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