transform your mind podcast media kit

Transform Your Mind Podcast Media Kit

The, Transform your Mind podcast media kit, showcases highlights of the Transform Your Mind personal development podcast.  The Transform Your Mind podcast is a weekly podcast about life.

Our mission is to positively help women and men, renew their mindset, so they can, transform their lives. We discuss topics on, transformation: mental health, fitness, nutrition, healthy relationships, overcome fear, happiness and more.

What is the Transform Your Mind Podcast is About

The Transform Your Mind podcast is hosted by Life coach and author Myrna Young.

Our audience are women and men who want change.  Since change starts in the mind, my audience want to be inspired every week on how to improve themselves daily whether it be fitness, mental health, relationships, or any other areas of self-development.

Myrna engages women on topics on changing their mindset on health, engaging the laws of attraction and setting goals.

Transform Your Mind Podcast media kit
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The Transform Your Mind Radio Podcast and Television show airs on 4 platforms. 24 podcast players, WDJY 99.1 FM Atlanta

Globally on

The show page is

We upload 2 shows per week.  On Mondays is our long format of 1 hour, interview format and on Fridays is, Transformation Fridays, with Coach Myrna – solo episodes Life Coaching.

LAUNCH Date Transform Your Mind Podcast Media Kit

The, Transform Your Mind Podcast, started as a radio show on WDJY 99.1 FM in January 2015 and added the podcast in March 2016. It is a weekly show with 52 original episodes per season.

My intended goal for the podcast is to reach minority women and men who think that they were born at a disadvantage to realize that they can live a life by design and where they start out does not dictate where they end up.

Transform Your Mind Podcast latest reviews

Transform your life!
Myrna is such a wonderful interviewer and brings on such incredible and inspirational guests! I can't believe I just found this show, I have got a lot to catch up on!

Author David Richman, 

Coach Myrna is the best!

I loved being on her show, because she is full of energy, engaged, a thoughtful question asker, and frankly, Myrna connects with her guests to bring the audience an authentic and deep experience like very podcasters. Love her and keep it up!


Life lessons

Myrna is a great host with a true heart of gold. Her podcast is addictive and really inspires you to take on a growth mindset ?

Emory Beuton, 

This podcast is good!!

Myrna covers a variety of topics, and each episode teaches me something new that I can implement into my daily life.

Transform Your Mind Podcast Media Kit Stats

The show averages 350,000 plus downloads per month and reaches 55% US listeners 7% Canada 7% United Kingdom. Demographics are 50% aged between 12-34, 43% between 35 and 54 years old, and 22% are aged over 55. 43% men and 39% women.

As of February 2024

The Transform Your Mind podcast has


  downloads since published 

Listeners in 75 countries with 55% of listeners in the USA, 7% in Canada, 7% in the United Kingdom, 2% in the Netherlands, 2% in Sweden

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Social Media Following of 50,000+ on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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