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Navigating Self Love and Social Media Beauty Standards

#selflove #beauty #beautystandards In this captivating video Isabelle Miller, a Los Angeles-based model, content creator, and influencer, delves into the meaningful discourse on self-love and the challenges of social media beauty standards. Our conversation opens with a sharp focus on Isabelle's rise on social media and the powerful message of body positivity she brings to her audience. Isabelle provides an intriguing glimpse into her world, detailing strategies that propelled her to social media stardom, including the importance of quality, consistent content, and establishing personal branding. She reflects on the impact of geographical environment, like her move from New York to LA, in challenging and reshaping industry norms around body image. Further, she advises fellow creatives on navigating partnership dynamics and the significance of authenticity in one's work. Key Takeaways: Embracing self-love and authenticity is key to standing out on social media platforms and fostering a genuine connection with your audience. Quality and consistent content, along with strategic collaborations, are fundamental to growing a social media following. Geographic location and local market standards can significantly impact modeling career opportunities. Personal safety and discernment in choosing collaborations are critical considerations for women and models in the industry. Dealing with negative comments requires self-love and a resolute stance on one's self-worth, including not believing in the negativity. Download and subscribe to receive new podcast episodes every week. Need help marketing your videos check out the Fiverr I am loving my continuous glucose monitor from Nutrisense Get $50 off your monitor with the code MYRNAPW @ Looking for holiday deals at Amazon? Click my link and save Follow the Transform Your Mind Podcast on Instagram @ on Facebook @ on Twitter @ Join my Private Life Coach Facebook Group Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes

Welcome to the, Transform Your Mind Podcast vblog, with Coach Myrna.  The, Transform Your Mind Podcast, vblog,  feeds show videos from the, Transform your Mind Podcast YouTube channel. 

The Transform Your Mind Podcast Vblog – About Myrna Young Life Coach

Myrna Young Life Coach,  blog and Personal development podcast.

The purpose of this Blog and podcast is to positively impact women to improve their lives by controlling their minds, using faith and belief that they can dream and make their dreams become a reality. The bible says those without a vision will perish, so, Myrna Young Life Coach, helps women keep their dreams and vision in front of them and use the currency of faith to make their dreams come to pass.

I teach them that they are more than enough that everything they needed to be a success was pre-loaded to them at birth.

This site is going to be a space where listeners can come every week for new content to help them Live a Life by design. Each week I bring you a podcast and a blog from leading life coaching experts in personal development, and personal growth,  sprinkled with solo life coaching content from me. Be sure to subscribe to get your podcasts delivered to your smart phone weekly.

The, Transform Your Mind Podcast, vblog, is a listing from the show page, The TV Talk Show on the Preach the Word Worldwide Television Network and is intended to help change the mindset of our listening audience. Mindset  is one of your most important tools you have to operate in higher consciousness, which results in reduced poverty, increases in your  standard of living both here in the United States and around the world.

The, Transform your Mind Podcast vblog, personal development podcast, TV talk show and radio show will give you the tools to shift your mindset towards success.

As a Guyanese, Canadian and American, I was born in poverty and now live in the promise land of milk and honey.  Your promised land could be right where you are.  Your mind is fertile ground.

This page is about CANI – Constant and Never Ending Improvement. I practice CANI. I listen to, personal development podcasts, every morning on my morning walk to keep my mind sharp, constantly improving and learning and pointing my mindset in the right vibration. The, Transform Your Mind Podcast vblog, will do the same for you, help you Transform your mind to Transform your life.

Tune in each week the, Transform  your Mind Podcast Vblog, radio show, or podcast to receive tips and strategies from Thought Leaders or solo episodes from me, to Help you, Transform your mindset, and achieve your infinite potential.

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A Mind this is expanded with knowledge can never return to its original form. Knowledge is only useful if you use it.

This, Personal Development Podcast,  Helps women achieve:

  • Smart Goals

  • Confidence

  • Self-improvement

  • Healthy relationships

  • Communication skills

  • Mindset control

  • Improve leadership skills

  • Reprogram the subconscious mind

  • How to win at life

  • Become a successful entrepreneur

  • Mental Health

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  • More women are listening to podcasts

  • African Americans are a growing podcast demographic

  • Millennial’s are the most desirable age demographic

  • Repetition is key. Use daily affirmations

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