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Tips for Dealing with Loneliness After 40 and Finding Love

In this episode of “Transform Your Mind to Transform Your Life,” host Myrna Young interviews relationship coach Patricia Fuqua on the topic of how to deal with loneliness after 40. Patricia shares her own story of finding love and provides tips on, online dating, and creating an effective, dating profile. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, setting priorities, and paying attention to gut instincts when dating. Patricia's strategies and coaching have helped many women find and date the man of their dreams. Tune in to learn how to navigate loneliness and find companionship after 40.

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Navigating the Dance of Loneliness After 40:

The quest for love is timeless, transcending age, and often becomes more nuanced as we step into our mature years. For many individuals over 40, the yearning for connection runs deep, yet the path to companionship can feel shrouded in loneliness. Life coach Myrna Young delves into this topic with Patricia Fuqua, a relationship coach with a knack for helping career women over 40 swipe away the layers of loneliness to uncover the love they deserve.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online dating, provides a heavenly vehicle for those seeking love after 40, but it requires a precise strategy and profile to attract the ideal partner and navigate loneliness.

  • A detailed, dating profile, with an actionable call to engage is crucial in drawing relationship-minded individuals.

  • Three essential steps to finding love and eliminatiing loneliness involve, developing an open mindset, having a clear vision, and executing a tailored, dating strategy.

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The Art of Crafting a Magnetic Online Dating Profile

In the digital realm of love, the first impression is often the only chance to capture attention. Patricia Fuqua underscores the importance of a masterfully crafted, online dating profile, that resonates with slices of life, values, and fun. It's about creating a narrative that doesn't just list attributes but paints a compelling picture of one's life.

“So when I have clients that I want to put on the, online dating apps, I have a strategy and a plan in place before they even open up the account.”

A critical component of Patricia's strategy is the inclusion of a call to action within the profile. This call to action call serves as a beacon, singling out those potentially aligned with her client’s lifestyle and ethos. It's more than a mere invitation; it's a sieve that filters out ambiguity, leaving only the earnest suitors who are genuinely intrigued and willing to engage.

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Embracing The Feminine Energy in Online Dating

Whilst in the corporate world, many career-driven women pivot into their masculine energy—seeking, striving, commanding. Patricia points out that the dance of dating, however, invites women over 40 to step back into their, feminine energy, becoming the alluring presence that beckons a suitor forward.

“The idea is to present herself with hair, makeup, clothes, everything on point. […] And I help them with that. So it's style update, right. For dating.”

The transition is subtle yet potent. It's the softening of the pursuit, allowing oneself to be pursued while setting the stage with poise and confidence. Patricia teaches her clients to not just be a participant in the dating world but rather the center of gravity that draws a partner in eliminating loneliness.

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Eliminate loneliness: A Dating Strategy

Patricia distills the essence of a successful, online dating strategy, into three core steps: mindset, vision, and method. Each woman's journey laid out like stepping stones across a river, with love awaiting on the other side.

“And so that's why I urge them to meet them in the flesh, so to speak, and always in a safe place in public, because they are still strangers.”

The strategy extends beyond the mere mechanics of dating—it’s a transformative process emphasizing self-awareness and confidence. Women learn to interpret the energy of their dates, moving stepwise with intention, from the initial online conversation to the strategic decision-making of the first face-to-face encounter. Sensing a match or discerning a mismatch are equally celebrated outcomes—each one a vital lesson learned on the path to love.

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The conversation with Patricia Fuqua on “The Transform Your Mind” show enlightens a pathway filled with optimism for those seeking to eliminate loneliness and have romantic connections after 40. The dialogue not just scratches the surface of online dating tactics but also opens up a world where self-transformation and strategic acumen coalesce to form a resilient bridge to love. Whether it's adjusting a, dating profile, to engage potential suitors or positioning oneself as the queen with suitors lining up, the essence lies in stepping with grace, self-assurance, and an open heart—each step on this journey meticulously mapped out by the deft hands of a seasoned relationship coach.

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Dating with Purpose: Motivated to Marry

Amy Schoen, dating and relationship coach share How to understand the mindset of the, Motivated to Marry, and the rules for,  dating with purpose,

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For over 14 years Amy Schoen, a professional certified life and relationship coach, has helped marriage-minded men and women get off the dating merry-go-round and finally find their life partner. She also helps her clients build a loving, committed relationship that lead to, marriage, if that is their goal.

With the proven, Motivated to Marry, © Dating Secrets Coaching Program, Amy’s clients discover what they truly want in a life partner, often finding their “perfect” match, within 6 months to a year's time! Finally they can now direct their energies towards being with their life partner, friends and family and enjoying their life pursuits.
• Amy is the Author of, “Motivated to Marry,- Now There’s a Better Method to Dating and Relationships”, “Get It Right This Time” and “How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Partner”. She has been featured in many radio, TV, and newspaper articles on, dating and relationships.

• Amy lives in the Washington, DC Metro area with husband (#2) of 16 years, and her 10 year old son. Find out more about Amy, her services, programs and her monthly Motivated to Marry podcasts at www.MotivatedtoMarry.com also available on iTunes.

Dating with purpose: meeting the man 

I have top-down approach with my clients, we first look at what you want for your Life. It's being clear about your life. I go deep into the values and there's a way for me to really kind of flush them out and pull them out because people think they know their values but when they go through my process they really kind of see.

Over 80% of my successfully matched, motivated to marry, couples met their
partners through, online dating, after they applied my process and, dating advice.
They become so empowered and they don't take crap from anybody. I train them to watch out for those wishy-washy men who like well, maybe I'll get married someday, maybe I'll have a family one day.

Dating Advice: What to talk about on a First Date

I say on a first date there are three things that you really just
need to pay attention to: Here are, dating advice for first dates.
1. Does the conversation flow?
2. Do you not see any real apparent deal-breakers? The things
that you know are not going to work for you.
3. Are you somewhat attracted to this person? I mean not like you
can't even imagine kissing him!

I mean usually within three or four dates you know whether somebody is
Going to work and if they are, motivated to marry,

What does, Motivated to Marry, mean?

We throw around the term, motivated to marry, so much since that is the topic of your book and that's the topic of your expertise.
Motived to Marry, it is a, mindset, it's, dating with purpose,
It came to me as I was dating and I was in my late thirties and I'm standing at a
party and I'm talking to this guy and he's really cute and he plays with a
band and he's going off to Europe for six months, and I'm kind of like
a strategic Maximizer, so I'm listening, I'm like oh my God, he's not, motivated to marry,

Characteristics of the, motivated to marry, man or woman?

Dating with purpose, means being able to spot the, motivated to marry. The, motivated to marry, is basically somebody who if a woman looking for a man. I would say that he's secure and is stable financially. Stable career, like everything else in his life is set, except he's missing the missing the relationship piece.

These, motivated to marry, men tend to hate singles events and being single. They desire to have a steady companionship rather than the stress of continuing going out. I would say more introverted people tend to be, motivated to marry, and that's why, online dating, has been phenomenal. Introverts love the internet because it's a one-to-one medium.

How many dates should you go on before becoming exclusive?

Here is some, dating advice. By the fourth or fifth dates, you know whether you want go further. I have a whole thing about when to be exclusive and what you need before you would be willing to be a exclusive. To stop dating other people and just focus on this person. In the, motivated to marry, model I suggest that you kind of have to have the conversation about how long you're going to be in a relationship before expecting to go the next step. I told my husband when we were dating, I'm not dating to date, I'm, dating with purpose, of marriage and having a family.

I'm, dating with purpose, I absolutely love that phrase because you can weed out so much without being intrusive.

Dating advice from Amy

I have a self-learning program I call a Home Study the, motivated to marry, dating on purpose, secrets program which is eight modules and it takes you through the,  motivated to marry, process in terms of getting to know yourself better, your goals and your values, which values to focus on as well as your must-haves or deal breakers and non-negotiables; so you really build way to really sift through people quickly. I also give you a lot of ideas about how to meet people.

I have 12 areas that I've identified of areas that we need to pay attention to in
A relationship and the conversations we need to have with our partner and then I also give you some tools some, relationship tools. I have written article on the test of time as long-term couples have lasted and I have the relationship dating hurdles.
The steps that you need to get from, dating to engagement.

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