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Out of the Snares: A Story of Hope

Is there someone or something you need to overcome? Out of the Snares, teaches you how to apply universal Laws and God’s word to achieve success in every area of your life.

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This Book,  Out Of The Snares,  deals with, child sexual abuse, personal sacrifice, entrepreneurship, survival and relationship resiliency.

The author tells her biographical story in, Out of the Snares, of overcoming these challenges to rise to the top and achieve all her dreams and desires of her heart. Myrna tells of her spirituality as a Christian woman and gives credit to the Help of the Supernatural power of God for her victories. If God can do it for her, he can do the same for you. Read her story in, out of the snares, this book will change your life and give you hope and encouragement.

Word from the Publisher of Out of The Snares

“I have always had a passion to help those who were troubled, carried heavy burdens, were hurt or simply needed help on their journey thru life. In particular, I feel emboldened to provide support for African American women and families who continue to feel the brunt of racism and gender bias which continues to be pervasive in the USA.

During 1982, it was placed on my heart to create a highly diverse network of women which would include at least 50% women of color. To date, we now have over 65% of PWN being women of color with the majority holding a Bachelor’s Degree and a large number completing their Master’s Degree or PhD.

What I have learned on my journey is that there has been a great deal of childhood abuse which has been masked for a long, long time. In my coaching and consulting practice, I stress the importance of living in the “truth” and unmasking oneself.

We as women must learn to provide support for one another rather than judging and being critical of another’s behavior and actions. As more women become open about their past, a wonderful cathartic feeling occurs and if women share this in a “safe” environment with trustworthy women, then warm, loving support is given to this woman as she heals emotionally.

I have published thousands of books and “Out of the Snares” is one of the most powerful books I have had the pleasure of publishing. Myrna is a powerful and transparent writer; she moves her readers to feel the emotions of her story and inspires them to know that if you believe you can achieve.

Linda Ellis Eastman


About Myrna

Myrna Bernadette Trotman was born in Guyana to poor parents, at a young age she was sexually abused by a family friend but instead of becoming a victim, she used that experience to build her character and inner strength. As a teenager she immigrated to Toronto, Canada, got married, had a baby and was on a path for the unspectacular when a chance encounter with the greatness of Tony Robbins transported her into the world of the Entrepreneur. She achieved great success as an entrepreneur and opened a branch office in Miami, Fl. It is then that she changed her goals and found her purpose. This book is a riveting true story of one woman’s desire to give her children generational increase and her desire to leave a Legacy.


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