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Unlocking True Intimacy: The Power of Tantra to Transform Your Relationships

Myrna Young hosts intimacy expert Magda Kay to discuss breaking taboos and genuinely connecting through tantra. Raised in Poland, where sex discussions were forbidden, Magda shares her journey from loss of intimacy to becoming a tantra teacher. They explore the importance of safety for women, the transformative power of heart chakra energy, and tips for men to enhance their partner’s sexual experience. Dive into how tantra transcends the bedroom to enrich everyday life and relationships. Their eye-opening conversation promises valuable insights for a more fulfilling love life.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Female Sexuality: It's not just about physical acts but about making women feel safe, empowered, and seen.

  • The Role of Tantra: Beyond the physical, Tantra involves deep emotional and energetic connections.

  • Balancing Closeness and Polarity: Effective relationships need a balance of intimacy and distance to keep the flame alive.

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In today's episode of Transform Your Mind to Transform Your Life, host Myrna Young and guest, Magda Kay, dive deep into a compelling conversation about using Tantra to forge deeper bonds in relationships. Magda, an intimacy expert, tantra teacher, and conscious relating coach, takes us on a journey from her personal transformation to broader lessons every couple can leverage to deepen their intimacy.

Understanding Female Sexuality with Tantra

One of the primary themes explored is understanding female sexuality. Magda opens up about her personal struggle with orgasms, attributing it to emotional and psychological blocks formed from childhood experiences. These weren't dramatic traumatic events but rather an accumulation of smaller incidents that left a lasting impact.

“Most women, even if they don’t have a story of big trauma, have experienced smaller things piling up, creating blocks in their sexuality. It’s how our nervous system reacts to these events.” – Magda

This candid revelation highlights that acknowledging and addressing these emotional blocks is crucial. Men, in particular, need to tune in to their partner’s needs more deeply. The primary element women need to feel during sex is safety. This safety can be fostered through open-ended questions, avoiding assumptions, and slowing down the physical act to prepare emotionally and physically for intimacy.

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The Role of Tantra: Beyond Physical Acts

Myrna and Magda clarify common misconceptions about Tantra, explaining it’s much more than a series of sexual techniques or prolonging orgasm. Tantra is about achieving a state of being that involves deep emotional and energetic connections. It’s not just about the mechanics of sex but the energy and emotional states involved.

“Think of it as an enhanced state of being, where true intimacy and vulnerability are fostered, leading to a heightened connection.” – Magda

Magda elaborates on how the practices in Tantra are geared towards opening up energetically and spiritually, allowing energy to flow freely through one’s body, which in turn enhances physical intimacy. Key practices include breathwork, opening the heart chakra, and allowing oneself to become vulnerable and transparent with their partner. This creates a deeper bond and better sexual experiences that extend far beyond the physical realm.

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Balancing Closeness and Polarity in Relationships

The conversation takes a fascinating turn as they discuss the importance of balancing intimacy and distance, or polarity, in relationships. Myrna brings up her own experiences, suggesting that having time apart from a partner can enhance the relationship. This theory is echoed by Magda, who shares that true desire requires a sense of distance.

“For a relationship to thrive, you need both closeness for love and distance for desire. It's a delicate balance.” – Magda

Practical ways to achieve this balance include living separately for periods, maintaining individual hobbies, and creating mental anticipation for physical encounters. These strategies help maintain both the connection and the mystery, crucial elements to keeping the relationship’s spark alive.

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In navigating the world of relationships and intimacy, the insights from this episode open a broader understanding of human connection. Whether it's addressing past emotional and psychological blocks, embracing the true essence of Tantra, or maintaining a necessary balance of closeness and distance, these elements can transform how partners relate to one another.

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Every woman needs to learn how to tune into her needs and communicate them effectively. By doing so, she's not only respecting her boundaries but also fostering a more profound connection with her partner. For men, it's crucial to create an environment of safety and understanding, recognizing that the act of intimacy starts long before the bedroom. As Magda beautifully puts it,

“Help us think about sex all day long. That’s where the journey begins, creating anticipation and emotional bonding that leads to true intimacy.”

This conversation serves as a valuable resource, reshaping the understanding of sexuality and relationships. It's about moving beyond the act and into a space where emotional, energetic, and physical harmony creates a richer, more fulfilling connection. Embrace the power of Tantra, and explore how these practices can lead to a transformative journey for any couple willing to delve deeper.

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Tantric Sex: How to Use Tantra Energy during Sex

How to use Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life

In every story of a successful man there has always been a woman he loved that helped him transmute his, sexual energy, to  achieve greatness.
That is because these men were able to transmute the, sexual energy, to create wealth and abundance.

Today's guest on the Mindset Transformation radio show and podcast is Ms Lorae Lauritch.
Lorae is a Sexological Body Worker and, Tantra, Facilitator and she is going to teach us how to use the energy of, sex.  We can use, sexual energy,  to create in your business and personal life.

But before we hear from Lorae I would like to share with you this bible story about, sex.

Tree of Life and Sex

In the, Garden of Eden, God made man in his own image, that is both male and female.
God is both the Alpha and the Omega
Then God decided to separate the man and the woman so he took a rib out of Adam and made the woman
He then told the man and the woman that they can partake of everything in the garden of Eden, except from the tree of knowledge.
The tree of knowledge represented the knowledge of, sex.
We know that Satan tempted the woman and told her that she surely would not die if she ate from the tree of knowledge.
And she didn't die physically; but Eve brought sin and pain to the earth by partaking of the tree of knowledge without the guidance of God.

God intended for the, sexual energy, of the couple to usher them into his presence. This, sexual energy, is the creative force in the Universe.
Masters and Saints have learnt how to transmute, sexual energy, to co-create abundance in their lives.

Sexual energy and God

Lorae Lauritch is going to teach how to use, sexual energy, to get into the presence of God and build also emotional ties with your partner.

Lorae is a sacred-sexuality educator who coaches men, women and couples to be “enlightened lovers.” Her method is to blend ancient holistic practices like, Tantra, and Taoism with the latest western medical and scientific discoveries in psychology, health, and, sex.  She does it in a way that’s practical, fun, and extraordinarily easy.

Lorae believes that when a couple comes together there is a reawakening of their, sexual energy, and their  connection with God.
But some of us are only conscious of the biology of, sex.
Some of us are using, sex, only  as a means to procreate or as control in  rape

In the Eastern Hemisphere monks practice celibacy so that they can transmute that, sexual energy, to get into the presence of God.
Masters who practices celibacy also learn to transmute  their, sexual energy.

In every story of a successful man there has always been a woman he loved that helped him transmute his, sexual energy, to  achieve greatness.
That is because these men were able to transmute the, sexual energy, to create wealth and abundance.

Napoleon Hill taught us how to do this in his best selling classic
“Think and Grow Rich”

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Tantra Sex and self pleasure

Lorae says that when she learned to self pleasure she became comfortable with talking about, sex.
She discovered that only about 70% of women can achieve orgasm through penetration; So she decided to study and become an expert on, sexuality.
Teaching women how to learn about their bodies and to get pleasure from sexual intercourse.

Sex, is more than biology it is how we come into contact with the Divine!

Lorae's teaches that sacred sexuality is playing on all the dimensions.
It is the spiritual, it is the physiological, it is the physical, it is the emotional.
Sacred sexuality, is coming into contact with your higher self.
If is used to deepen the relationship with your partner.
It is also called, Tantric sex.

Do you love Abraham Hicks? I do.
Abraham Hicks – Sexual energy, like all physical energy is an extension of Source energy

Soundcloud Transform your mind podcast
Transform your Mind Soundcloud podcast

How important is sexual energy in marital relationship?

  • It creates better health and longevity.
  • It relieves stress.
  • Sacred sex clears the energy.
  • It builds this energy called chi or Prana.
  • Our bodies gets drained during the day and sacred, sexual energy, is one way to rejuvenate the body's life source.
  • It is a healing energy.

What is Tantra ?

The, tantra, orgasm is the ability to tap into the body's energy and have it link up to longer orgasmic states.
It is a build up of, sexual energy, and comes in waves throughout the body. It is an explosion from head to toe. It is not concentrated on the genitalia.
Once there is saturation of, sexual energy, in the physical state it can be shared with your partner as you tap into their energy field to become one energy field.

One way to achieve this state is to take a charging breath.
Breathe in like you are taking in a drink through a straw.
Breathe out with sound.

Breathing exercise
Tantra,  breathing is an indirect way to turn on your partner through sound and, sexual energy, exchange.

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