How to Mind Your Own Business While Working Your Day Job

Small Business:
How to, Mind Your Own Business, While Working Your Day Job

How to, Mind your own Business, is a self help guide to starting your own Business on the side.  Creating your own side hustle.

This Free guide, How to, mind your own business, is available for download. Get information on:

  • Choosing a company structure: Should you incorporate, choose a partnership, sole proprietor or just, mind your own business, as a solo entrepreneur?
  • How to find your target market and customers.
  • How to choose the correct company name.
  • How to define your company culture.
  • How to incorporate, copy of Article of incorporation included.
  • How to file for your EIN and find grants.
  • Some regular tax deductions for your company.
  • Other Helpful information about starting and operating your Small Business

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