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Can An Introvert become Successful at Networking?

Introverts are NOT extroverts and so networking does not come easy for the introvert. The question is can an introvert become successful networking, be able to put on that badge that says Hi I am Nick, this is what I do; how about you? In this video Nick Shelton author of the Book "An Introvert's Guide to World Domination" breaks down networking as an introvert into bite-sized steps. These networking tips will help introverts improve their confidence, strengthen their relationships and gain access to people and opportunities they've never had before. Time Stamps 11:19 How did you find the right networking group? 14:52 What inspired you to write the book and what did you hope introverts would walk away with after reading your book? 18:51 How would you define introversion and are there different levels? 22:32 What is your goal going into networking? What do you want your life and lifestyle to be like? 28:11 What is the definition of a social introvert? 32:35 Is the pandemic good or bad for the introvert? 33:45 What can introverts do to make the most of this pandemic situation? 40:03 How to build your network as in Introvert? 41:51 Where can listeners get a copy of your book and connect with you on social media? Follow Nick Shelton on LinkedIn Follow the Transform Your Mind Podcast on Instagram @ on Facebook @ on Twitter @ Join my Private Life Coach Facebook Group Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes

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