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How to Turn Thoughts into Wealth

Here is a story about how to turn thoughts into wealth:

Let’s say you are a computer student in an age when computers are just being born. You are looking through a magazine one day and you see an AD for a “build your own computer kit.”  An idea or thought seed is planted in your brain. ” If I am the first to build my own computer, then maybe I can sell it at school and turn this thought into wealth!”

This thought seed gives you a feeling of euphoria! (By the way this is how you test if an idea is in line with your purpose. It must make you feel good)

Now must of us, you and me, when we get our thought seeds, the good ones light us up, the bad ones get no reaction; but then common sense (that is what we call the negative voice in our heads) tells us that our idea is not realistic.

“God does not operate in the realistic realm”

The reality is, you are just learning computers, you are not a graduate, you are just starting out. But You go ahead and buy this kit and then you go find a partner who knows a little more about building computers than you. (the time is always now!)

You are the visionary; you hire the technical people to work the vision! It takes too long to learn specialized knowledge! So purchase it if you need to.

The two of you build this computer and then you realize that you have to create software to run this thing. So you and your technical Guru create Dos!

That my friend is how thought seeds are incepted and watered to yield wealth!

Bill Gates as It turned out had perfect timing. When he created DOS, he was the first to get a contract. If he had waited another semester, he would not have been the first and the history books would read differently. But today it reads that Bill Gates got the contract to put his operating system in every computer sold, making him the richest man in the world today!

What do you do with your thought seeds?. Are you like the farmer from the scriptures? Do you sow some of them on rocks? Where the winds of negativity from your friends and family telling you your idea would never work blows your seed away? Learn discernment. You have to know you. You have to know when a thought seed is in line with your purpose. You can tell from paying attention to how your body reacts to the thought seed.

So when you have a thought seed or a vision that excites you, plant it in the ground, cover it up, and water daily until it become a fruit bearing tree.

If you consume it, eat it, leave it sitting on a self, and don’t plant it; it will never bear fruit. 

Micheal Jordan’s thought seed was to be the best basketball player of all time. So he hired a coach and every summer he practiced and mastered one skill. He planted this thought seed and then he watered it daily with practice until it produced fruit.

You too can turn that dream into reality. Hire a coach and design action steps that will bear fruit. Invest in yourself. Don’t eat all your seed!