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Sponsor TV Talk Show Reach 100 Million Homes

Sponsor the Transform Your Mind, TV Talk Show. Your message will be seen locally on Comcast channel  Atlanta and surrounding areas plus worldwide on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Direct TV, Android TV.

Transform your Mind preach the word TV
Transform your Mind preach the word TV

TV Talk Show Sponsor

With a dynamic and inspirational portfolio of engaging programming, Preach The Word Network will deliver your message AS A, TV talk show Sponsor, to the customers you want to reach with placement on platforms today’s consumers prefer.

Paired with our deeply committed and knowledgeable team approach, you’ll achieve your strategic business goals, broaden your market exposure, and expand and diversify your customer
base with Preach The Word Network.

Every Planform, Every Home, Everywhere Visit us at

By taking the time to understand your business. we
combine that with 15 years of broadcast experience,
and create custom marketing plans and program
content tailored to your needs and designed to deliver
Viewership from a diverse and highly engaged

Our consultants live and work in the communities we
serve and understand the unique complexities of a
robust and diverse market. We work with businesses
of all sizes, and program content of vast variety,
providing both local expertise and national and global
scale for you as a , TV sponsor.

apple Tv PTWWN
apple Tv PTWWN

What You Can Expect From TV Talk Show Sponsorship

We put you first – diving into your business goals and creating an engaging programming strategy for you as a , TV sponsor, designed to not only achieve your goals, but surpass them.

Our solutions take the guesswork out of reaching your customers by generating awareness and engagement across screens.
We deliver your message to the people you want to reach – eliminating waste and maximizing your marketing budget.

Clarity Integrity Results TV Talk Show Sponsor

Streaming and cable viewing free from excessive downtime and service glitches. Family friendly content and programs that everyone can watch, enjoy and learn from Viewership from a different diverse and highly engaged audience.

Every Platform, Every Home, Everywhere Visit us at

At Preach The Word Network TV, we broadcast an engaging array of television programming on our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week channel network on all devices and platforms which includes Apple TV, Roku, Smart Televisions, Mobile Phones and other devices.

Tv sponsor Amazon Fire Tv
Tv sponsor Amazon Fire Tv

Contracts with Comcast and Spectrum Cable

We hold contracts with, Comcast, and, Spectrum Cable, to carry television broadcasts on their entire footprint. We also partner with, Glory Star Satellite, which broadcasts our channel to other countries
around the world via free to air satellite/internet.

PTWWN TV is the Leader in OTT Television

Preach The Word Worldwide Network TV (PTWWN TV) is a leader in Over The Top (OTT) and Cable Television. You choose where you want your programming to be distributed. Choose OTT and Cable
Television in selected cable TV markets or our highly recommended OTT services. We are the leader in broadcasting original programming that will reach the world.

The U.S. has over 820 million connected video devices:

  • 71% of internet users also use OTT services
  • 47% of US Wi-Fi households own a streaming box/stick such as Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Set top Boxes, Android TVs and Set top boxes, Amazon Fire TV/Stick and Chromecast
  • OTT users access video content on three devices across three different OTT services on average
  • According to eMarketer, 55.1 million people will no longer watch traditional pay TV by 2022
TV sponsor Comcast Now TV
TV sponsor Comcast Now TV

Below is the popular OTT service statistics COVERAGE:

  • Your reach and capture a broad consumer base. Your advertising message, or program content can reach potential customers across screens on tens of thousands of websites, 24/7.
  • ensures campaign accuracy while a broad range of creative placements means more recognition for your brand – from interactive display to expandable mobile display.
  • the attention of PTWWN diverse viewership by advertising alongside dynamic and inspirational programming that engages the heart, mind and soul.
Podcast Addict Transform Your Mind
Podcast Addict Transform Your Mind

TV Talk Show Sponsorship Available On Multiple Platforms


  • Roku Set top box and major brand TV’s
  • Apple TV Set Top Box
  • Android Set Top Box and major brand TV’s
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV and Set Top Boxes
  • OTT devices Online
  • Cable TV – Select Programming
  • Comcast Channel 29 – Atlanta GA and surrounding areas
  • Spectrum Cable – Channel 1310
  • Columbia/Florence SC and surrounding areas
  • Internet Satellite
  • Glorystar Satellite – Channel 51
  • Directv Receivers – Channel 5554
    ( My TV Channels software)
  • Right from our website watch Live TV 24/7 –

Find Preach The Word Network on most Smart Televisions
by downloading our app from the play store Apple TV
Find us in the Apple store and download Preach The Word
Worldwide Network

Android – Download Preach The Word Network TV in
the Google Play Store
iPhone – Download Preach The Word Network TV in Apple Store

Visit us at

Android Tablet

Podcast Index Transform Your Mind
Podcast Index Transform Your Mind

Internet Satellite  Receivers TV Talk Show Sponsor

  • Glorystar – Channel 51 – to purchase or learn how to watch us
  • Directv – Channel 5554 – to download app and add our channel to TV line up and watch on TV from your Directv receiver.
  • Comcast ATL or Spectrum Cable – Columbia SC and surrounding areas
  • If you have Roku TV or box/stick to watch your local cable provider, please add Preach The Word
    Network to your TV Line up
  • Comcast Channel 29- Atlanta GA and surrounding areas – ( select programming Preach The Word
  • Click Here for information on local channels 
  • Sunday Nights – Preach The Word Show
  • Transform Your Mind with Coach Myrna – Sundays 6:00 pm Est

TV Sponsor Plus Radio And Podcast

`The mission of the, Transform your mind, TV Talk Show, Radio and podcast is to positively empower women around the world to improve their lives by Transforming their minds. To Help women use faith and belief that they can make their dreams a reality.

Tune in every Wednesday at 5 pm on the afternoon Drive  for radio broadcast 

radio sponsor WDJY 991.FM
radio sponsor WDJY 991.FM

Tune in every Sunday at 6 pm EST or on demand 24/7 

Transform your Mind PTWWN TV On Demand Channel 

Transform Your Mind Pandora 

Why become a TV Talk Show Sponsor

I asked the question on Quora ‘Why was podcast marketing was on the rise” 

Simply put, because audience is large, consuming podcasts frequently, in variety, and much longer than other media. Best yet, this audience continues to grow year over year.

Podcast creators in turn provide not only variety but also depth of conversations so advertisers can pick exactly the audience they want, and activate a very relevant message to that particular message.

The facts and details:

  • Large audience: in the US alone, 40+ million people listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. Almost 70 million on a monthly basis!
  • Growing audience in all demographics: year over year growth of 20–25% in all demographics and ages
  • Variety of shows and episodes: for the people that watch, the average number of podcasts watched is 3+, and the average number of episodes is 5+ on a weekly basis
  • Long exposure: average duration of an episode being around 1 Hour, that means that Podcast listeners spend on average 5 hours listening to audio weekly. Compare that to the (continually plunging) number of hours spent on newspaper, magazine, radio, and TV… very competitive
  • Personable like never before: the Podcast experience is a very intimate one. People are either adding colors to the stories they are told, putting themselves into the topics, or having their questions answered. It’s a new level of connection to media
Podcast sponsor
Podcast sponsor

As a, podcast sponsor, this is a compelling case to consider podcasts as media vehicle investment:

  • Finally, clearly defined audiences: with other media, specially broadcast, marketers were speaking to larger audiences, but also very diverse. Only mass-adoption products would make economical sense for advertising.
  • So we can tell ever more relevant stories and thus powerful messages: With podcasts, interests are narrowly defined. This is a marketer’s heaven: tell an unique, crisp, interesting idea to an audience that is known. This message specificity will drive massive action: Product consideration and purchase, adherence to social communities, and increased loyalty and recommendation.

I see a promising future for podcasts and, podcast sponsors, the opportunity to connect with people in a personable yet scalable way.

#1 iTunes Rank

TV Talk Show Sponsor Reaching Over 100 Million Homes And Devices

As a, podcast,  TV Talk Show, and Radio sponsor of the Transform Your Mind Radio Hour and podcast. Your message will be heard by more than  100 million homes, plus on all the podcast players, including  iTunes podcast, Tunein, Sticher, Google Play Spotify, Castbox, Soundcloud, iHeart Radio, and on my YouTube video Channel, and  Blog. Check out our,  TV Talk show sponsor,  packages and rates below.

About the Radio show and our audience

The Transform your Mind, TV Talk Show, radio and podcast, airs every week on the afternoon drive 5 pm to 6 pm on WDJY 99.1 FM, in the Metro Atlanta area and on the internet on internet radio at The target audience are minority women between the ages of 18  to 55 years old who want to improve the quality of their lives through Life coaching and a Mindset shift.

The, TV Talk show, airs every Sunday at 6:00 pm on Comcast Channel 29 Channel Atlanta and surrounding area and worldwide on


Hype Media Global Stations cumulative Listeners

Listeners per episode

30,000 monthly listeners WDJY 99.1 FM Atlanta, Georgia -The Transform Your Mind radio Hour

5,000 monthly podcast downloads from all players

Transform Your Mind Podcast iTunes

Transform your Mind podcast Internet and Podcast Demographics

Stations cumulative

Christian TV 24/7


Reasons to become a TV Talk Show Sponsor

VIDEO is one of the most talked-about forms of modern entertainment, because it combines the advantages of on-demand digital media and mobile in a format that is singularly intimate.

Why TV Talk Show Sponsor, Ads work

  • TV Talk show, AND Podcast listeners are educated. Have a Bachelor’s degree or higher and read a lot
  • 32% of them listen while they work out
  • 52% listen in the car
  • 37% listen while taking public transportation
  • 46% listen while travelling
  • 40% listen while walking, running or biking
  • Tv talk show, and Podcast listeners are loyal, 88% listen to all episodes
  • Tv talk show, and Podcast listeners are engaged, 61% of them buy something they heard about on a podcast AD
  • More women are listening to podcasts
  • African Americans are a growing podcast demographic
  • Millennial’s are the most desirable age demographic
  • Repetition is key.
  • One spot, one time, on one show simply won’t generate the results you’re after.
  • “Ideally, find a host/show which you feel is a good fit and commit for a year. Gather data on how your customers found you, and run the numbers at around month nine when you’re determining whether or not to renew.”
    – Greg Scown, Smile Software

Defining Success: TV Talk Show Sponsor Performance Indicators

To define success of the, TV Talk Show Sponsor, and best evaluate your campaign, it’s important to know what your performance indicators and desired outcomes are.

  • Are you driving traffic to your website?
  • Are you looking to boost sales?
  • Are you trying to increase awareness of your brand?
  • Do you measure that awareness on social media?

Your indicators will probably be some mix of these and others, but likely will vary based upon your campaign type.

  • Evergreen advertising: AS A, TV Talk Show Sponsor, our,  On Demand TV, will allow listeners to watch your message any time of the day or night.  Your message will also have evergreen marketing on the Transform Your Mind podcast, and blog. 
glorystar TV
glory star TV

TV Talk Show Sponsor, Radio, and Podcast Advertising Packages


Premium TV Talks Show SPONSOR 

Package #1

4*60 sec videos Ads/ 1 per show for 4 shows.

Limited Time Special Price $500.00

order now TV sponsor Fiverr
order now TV sponsor Fiverr

Buy Now

Standard TV Talk Show Sponsor includes Radio and Podcast Audio 

Package #2

 4*30 sec videos/ 1 per show for 4 shows.

Limited Time Special Price $350.00

Buy Now

Basic TV Talk Show Sponsor 

Package #3

2*30 sec videos/ 1 per show for 2 shows.

Price $200.00

order now TV sponsor Fiverr
order now TV sponsor Fiverr

Buy Now

TV Talk Show Sponsor, ADs Deliver Effective Results

Listeners Buy Products
From TV Talk Show Sponsor, and Podcast Sponsored, ADS

61% of TV Talk Show, and podcast listeners say that they bought something after hearing an AD on our shows.

TV Talk Show Sponsor, Drive More Engagement

In a three month head-to-head test against radio, Sling Media found 2 – 3 times more engagement from their TV and podcast ADs.

When our, TV Host,  endorse an episode, it sends a message to the listeners that you value personal development and positive change.

Transform your Mind Podcast