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Six Week Leadership Package

Our Leadership package is designed for CEO’s, Manager and Business Owners This package takes clients through the steps of clarifying strengths, mission and vision and then creating a plan to achieve these goals.

Week one/two: Introspection – What path did the Leader take to arrive at this destination
Along the way did he pick up self- confidence
Did she develop self-control, how to control emotions?
What about his decision making ability? Does he flip flop when making decisions?
A Leader who wavers in his decision making cannot lead others successfully
Core beliefs. What are they and how do they affect her Leadership role?
The past is a good indication of the future unless consciousness is developed.

Week three: Where are we starting from, a look at where you are going.
Does the Leader have definiteness of purpose?
Statistics show that the number one indication of failure is not having a clear purpose.
Does he have a practical plan for the attainment of his purpose?
If not, we will create one.

A Leader without a plan to get to his purpose is like a ship without a rudder,
Sooner or later he will land on the rocks.

Week four: Identify top three short term goals
Test these goals with the barometers for success:
1: Does the Leader have Faith that he can accomplish these goals
2: Clarity of goal.  What will you get when you win?
Eg: If your goal is work life balance.  What will you get when you achieve work life balance?
You might say “more time with my family” but what do you get?
It may be peace from your spouse nagging, you may say I get to tuck my child into bed.
What do you get from being able to tuck your child into bed?
You may say a feeling of purpose.
That is clarity of goal!
3: Are you digging your potatoes? – Are you waiting for the right time to start working on these goals
Or are you willing to jump in now?
Never put off for tomorrow what can be done today because tomorrow is not promised!

Week five: Design steps to accomplish each goal
Identify obstacles
Have you attained the goal you established as your objective for last year? If not, what were the obstacles?
Have all your personal and business relationships been harmonious? If not, which ones?
Have you procrastinated on any task or tasks? If so which ones?
Have you reached decisions promptly and definitely on all occasions? If not, what was the reason?
Did you allow the fear of failure, criticism or poverty to decrease your efficiency?

Week six: Autosuggestion
Now that we have clarified definiteness of purpose and practical steps to achieving this purpose
Now we have to engage the subconscious mind to go to work for us and bring to you all that you
Need to transform consciousness to its physical equivalent (wealth)
We do this by autosuggestion

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