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What is the belief that is stealing your self-confidence?

The following story shows how self-confidence is essential to your success. How you can let the negative words of oth-ers steal your self confidence and hold you in bondage. As your Lifecoach I am able to neutralize such beliefs.

A surgeon opened his office one day and found a tall black man in the waiting room. He was six feet four inches tall and tow-ered over the surgeon. He complained about his lip. You see his underlip protruded out from his top lip. His girlfriend told him she was ashamed to be seen in public with him because of his ugly lip, so he came to the surgeon to get it fixed.
The surgeon told him there was nothing wrong with his lip, it was just a minor protrusion. The black man insisted on getting it fixed so the surgeon gave him an outrageous price of $1200 hoping he would go away.
He did, he said that he didn’t have that kind of money. But lo and behold, he came back the next day with a little black bag in his hand. He dumped the contents on the table. Bills poured out, his life savings; $1200 worth!
The doctor was shocked. He didn’t want to deprive the man of his life savings so he told him he quoted him an exorbitant amount so he would not have the surgery. He agreed to do the surgery for a smaller fee on the condition that he tell his lady love that he paid $1200 for the surgery.
The operation was simple enough and one week later all the bandages came off and he man had a beautiful lip. All the surgery was done inside the lip so he had no visible scars except for a small scar inside the lip. The man was happy, he strode from the doctor’s office full of self-confidence. A commanding figure.
A few weeks later he was back. His body seemed to have shrunk, his hands lost their strength, his voice squeaked.
The doctor asked him what happened to him.
He said ” the African Bug, sir. It’s got me and it’s killing me”
He told the doctor after he removed the bandages he went to see his lady love. She loved his lip and asked him how much the surgery cost. When he told her $1200, she became enraged and cursed him saying she could have used that $1200 and accused him of hiding the money from her. She cursed him and told him he would die.
Deep-ly troubled and hurt the man laid in his bed for 4 days worried about this curse that was going to kill him. Then running his tongue around, he discovered the horrible thing inside his mouth. He went to see a medical doctor who checked his mouth and confirmed that “the slimy African bug was stuck inside his mouth because of the curse and it was killing him”
The surgeon looked at this diminished and fearful man and asked him “Is it really in your mouth”
“Yes sir,” the man said “the doctor tried to help get rid of it with liquids, pastes and potions – but nothing worked. The curse is too strong”. It burned inside my lip.
“Your lip?”
“Yes sir” the man said
“You didn’t say lip before”
The doctor ran his finger at the back of the man’s lip and told the disbelieving man that “the bug” was no more than scar tissue from his surgery.
The disbelieving man looked up in wonder and asked “then there is no African bug?”
The man stood up. Instantly he seemed to have regained his full height and strength. A rich smile spread over his face and his voice boomed out again. Bowing he left a happy man again.

What is your African bug”
What belief is robbing you of your self confidence? Do you think you are not smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough? Do you have an external lotus of control? i.e. Do you get your self worth from the opinion of others?

As your Lifecoach, I will shift your beliefs about yourself from perceived to factual. If there is something you don’t like about yourself we will work on it together.
Change your mind, change your life