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Podcast Sponsorship, Transform Your Mind Radio show and Podcast.

Podcast sponsorship, is growing as advertisers fall in love with the intimacy of podcast listeners.  Traditional radio does not have the ability to be replayed. If the listener misses my radio broadcast at 5.00 pm on Wednesday, they can’t go on line and retrieve. That is why podcasting and podcast sponsorship, is a media format on the rise. As the media habits of the population go from traditional TV and Radio to specialty YouTube-channels and podcasts, the possibility to reach your niche audience has become easier than ever. Podcast listeners and, podcast sponsorship,  has grown in the general population the last years and is forecasted to boom in the coming years. The Transform Your Mind with Coach Myrna is now the #1 ranking podcast in my category on iTunes.  Listeners can also tune in via Google Play, Sticher and TuneIn radio.

#1 iTunes Rank

As a, podcast sponsor,  for the Mindset Transformation radio show and podcast. Your message will be heard on the radio by more than  12,000 weekly listeners, on my iTunes podcast, Tunein, Sticher, Google Play and on my YouTube video Channel, and  Blog. Check out our,  podcast sponsor,  packages and rates below.

About the show and our audience

(The Mindset Transformation radio show and podcast, airs every week on the afternoon drive 5 pm to 6 pm on WDJY 99.1 FM, in the greater Atlanta area and on the internet on internet radio at The target audience is women between the ages of 18  to 55 years old who want to improve the quality of their lives through Life coaching and a Mindset shift.)


Hype Media Global Stations cumulative Listeners

Listeners per episode

12,000 weekly listeners WDJY 99.1 FM – Mindset Transformation radio

5,000 monthly podcast downloads from all players – Transform your Mind podcast

Internet and Podcast Demographics

Stations cumulative

Why Sponsor The Mindset Transformation Radio Show and Podcast


Podcasting is one of the most talked-about forms of modern entertainment, because it combines the advantages of on-demand digital media and mobile in a format that is singularly intimate.

Why Podcast Ads work

  • Podcast listeners are educated. Have a Bachelor’s degree or higher and read a lot
  • 32% of them listen while they work out
  • 52% listen in the car
  • 37% listen while taking public transportation
  • 46% listen while travelling
  • 40% listen while walking, running or biking
  • Podcast listeners are loyal, 88% listen to all episodes
  • Podcast listeners are engaged, 61% of them buy something they heard about on a podcast AD
  • More women are listening to podcasts
  • African Americans are a growing podcast demographic
  • Millennial’s are the most desirable age demographic


  • Repetition is key.
  • One spot, one time, on one show simply won’t generate the results you’re after.


  • “Ideally, find a host/show which you feel is a good fit and commit for a year. Gather data on how your customers found you, and run the numbers at around month nine when you’re determining whether or not to renew.”
    – Greg Scown, Smile Software

Defining Success: Performance Indicators

To define success and best evaluate your test, it’s important to know what your performance indicators and desired outcomes are.

Are you driving traffic to your website? Are you looking to boost sales? Are you trying to increase awareness of your brand? Do you measure that awareness on social media?

Your indicators will probably be some mix of these and others, but likely will vary based upon your campaign type.

  • Evergreen advertising: Your message will be in print on my  blog and YouTube Channel,

  • As well as repeat radio shows and podcast downloads.

The Details

All Sponsors get.

  • Host pre-roll intro at the beginning of show and

  • Mid-roll AD, 30 to 60 sec Mp3 commercial, played during the 2 breaks

Pricing and packages:

Package #1

4*60 sec commercials/ 2 per show for 2 shows.

Mid – roll and Pre-roll, Played at 2 breaks on the Radio/ Podcast

Price $50.00

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Package #2

10*60 sec commercials for 5 shows.

Played at 2 mid-roll breaks and pre-roll for 5 shows on the Radio/Podcast

Price $100.00

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61% of podcast listeners say that they bought something after hearing an ad on our shows.



In a three month head-to-head test against radio, Sling Media found 2 – 3 times more engagement from their podcast ads.


When our, podcast sponsors,  endorse an episode, it sends a message to the listeners that you value personal development and positive change.