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What is True Wealth: The Path to Financial Freedom

My guest today on the Mindset Transformation radio show and podcast is Trevor Evans, teacher at Legacy Education also know as Rich Dad Education on the topic of acquiring wealth through investing in Real Estate. Listen to find out how to use credit card debt to fund your investments and how to change your mindset to an investor's mindset. Today’s show is being sponsored by A&C Limousine service and Young Real Estate Investment services. When in the greater Toronto area and ground transportation is needed, look no further. Contact A&C Limousine service for your luxury ground transportation. We will get you there safely and on time. Call 416-892-8336 and ask for Colin. We treat you Royally. Are you looking to invest in the south Florida market? The time is ripe for investors. Call Young Real Estate Investment Services at 954-999-6125 for all your Sales, Rentals or Property Management services. We are licensed in real estate and property management and will buy or lease your house. Don’t delay, Call today 954-999-6125 To be a guest on the show contact coach Myrna at http://www.myhelps.us

Welcome to the Transform Your Mind with Coach Myrna, video blog and, personal development podcast, page.  I am Myrna Young, certified professional Life Coach, Author, #MeToo survivor, and advocate for the Human Potential Movement.

Your Mindset is one of your most important tools you have to operate in higher consciousness which results in reduced poverty, increases in your  standard of living both here in the United States and around the world. The Transform your Mind, personal development podcast, will give you the tools to shift your mindset towards success.

As a Guyanese, Canadian and American, I have lived in poverty and now live in the promise land of milk and honey.  Your promised land could be right where you are.  Your mind is fertile ground. I listen to, personal development podcasts, every morning on my morning walk to keep me sharp and my mindset in the right vibration. Some of the other, personal development podcasts, are https://lewishowes.com/blog/, The Gifted life podcast , The science of success,

Tune in each week to my radio show, podcast and YouTube video to receive tips and strategies from leading experts or solo episodes from me, to Help you Transform your mindset and achieve your infinite potential.  Thank you for subscribing to my podcast and spending your time with me.  Remember

A Mind this is expanded with knowledge can never return to its original form.

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