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Motivational Speaker / Inspirational Speaker

Do you need a speaker for your event? Would an inspirational message from a coach at your monthly sales meetings not Help to fire up your team? It would.

Myrna is Toastmasters trained motivational speaker and a Certified Christian Speaker/teacher.
As a motivational and inspirational speaker, Myrna speaks on topics such as:

Speech Title – How to Sell Personal Services

  • Instead of doing the shotgun approach for marketing your personal brand, market directly to companies that you have researched and can benefit from your services.
  • Package your sales brief professionally with an Overview section, License or certifications, references and testimonials, Rationale, Sales presentation or offer, Benefits of your services to the customer with statistics, Close.

Speech Title – 5 Strategies to help you achieve any Goal.

  • We look at Willpower, Desire, Faith, Persistence, and how to create a practical plan to achieve your stated goals.
  • Willpower – is the act of doing things that take you out of your comfort zone.
  • Desire – is the starting point of any accomplishment.
  • Faith – a dream or goal can only inspire you and motivate you only if you believe that it can happen.
  • Persistence – if you don’t master persistence, you cannot achieve any worthy success.
  • Practical Plan – without a practical plan, a goal is just a dream.

Speech Title – 212 Degrees.

  • What happens at 212%? Water boils at 211 % it is plain old hot water.
  • The steam from boiling water can power a locomotive.
  • What can you accomplish in life by pushing yourself one degree?
  • The 800 meters in the Olympics was won by .71 seconds, the Daytona 500 is won every year with a one second difference between the winner and the looser.
  • Why only a few people in this world turn it up this extra 1 degree?
  • These are the people with courage, confidence, self-reliance, stamina and persistence.

As a Christian speaker, Executive Coach, Author and expert on consciousness; Myrna is aptly suited to deliver powerful, motivational and inspirational messages to Leadership conferences, Sales and Marketing events, Women’s retreats and motivational rallies.

Contact her today for a bid for your next event @ info@myhelps.us or call 954-999-6125

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